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One Planet, Five Elements.


The 109TM Network connects businesses to cutting edge tools and marketing platforms that engage the end customer in new and fun ways. We are engrossed in innovative developments to attract and retain customers with a heavy emphasis on social connectivity and digital entertainment.


We collectively provide specialized service to our clients using unique tools and methods resulting from breakthrough scientific studies into Traditional Chinese Philosophical Arts, namely the art of Feng Shui, the theories of Yin & Yang and the Five Elements.  These technologies and philosophies forms the core fundamentals behind the principles of the 109TM Network.




Our strategy involves utilizing multiple central locations to base our expansion around the entire world that will essentially provide specialized local connectivity as well as a broad scale connection world-wide. The 109TM Network stems from the following global hotspots: Los Angeles, Toronto, Taipei, Chengdu, New York, and Milan.



The core structure of the 109TM Network’s digital capabilities revolve around the Online Shopping Network, which differentiates itself from the typical online shopping experience by engaging the customer in a game-like digital environment that both captivates and entertains. Building upon the foundations of this online environment requires a structured network of merchants and their respective products and services.