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109TM Online Shopping Mall

A new shopping experience

Our vision is to bring back the fun of shopping in the online environment. Sure, internet shopping is quick and easy, but as more and more people adopt online shopping, less people are visiting the brick-n-mortar shops. It has gotten to a point where convenience supersedes enjoyment. Brick-n-mortar shops provided that enjoyment with themed stores, relaxed atmosphere, the social aspect of meeting other shoppers or talking to knowledgeable staff. The fun from picking up garments you like and taking them with you to the fitting room to try on and model for your friends. The fun of browsing through a themed area designed to make you feel like you are in a lively environment. Today’s online shopping experience is laden with clean UI and flat graphics, this adds to the simplicity and convenience factor, but does nothing to enhance the fun factor.

A virtual shopping mall brings back the fun. Immerse yourself in a semi-3D environment that is both simple to navigate yet immersive and encompassing. Users will feel like they are “somewhere” rather than just “online”. With it being a virtual space, the possibilities are endless as users are taken on magical journeys to explore, shop, and play.

Features of the 109TM Online Shopping Mall


  • Explore virtual spaces
    •  5 levels of beautifully rendered 3D environments
    • 21 specially categorized showrooms on each level
    • Each showroom designed after a unique combination of the 5 Elements
  • E-commerce Solution
    • Full shopping cart & checkout system
    • Payment gateway accepts all major credit cards
    • Sales reports
    • Analytics
  • Social Connectivity
    • Fully integrated with the 109 Jade Emperor social media website